Holidaze holdovers


This is my fav photo from the holidays, taken on Christmas morning before anyone else awakened.  Quiet and peaceful and pretty.  I put away all the decorations yesterday and then settled down to a long winter afternoon sit brought on by a cold.  Woke up this am and emailed in sick!  So entered the new year sick which is a drag as I haven’t been sick in a long time. I blame the air travel and cold. When we awoke on our last day in Missouri the temperature was 1 degree above zero.


Another favorite activity from December -Making the gingerbread houses entertained us for an afternoon however it went in the trash yesterday.  Along with a lot of other shipping materials, boxes, tissue paper, detritus from the house.  We opened the house yesterday and tried to get some fresh air inside.

So I decided to start this blog to document my transition into and through retirement, which starts in 8 weeks, I will retire after 34+ years at a Federal government job.  I feel ready to try something way different than the bureaucracy I have grown up in.  Anyway, I have lots of lists of things I want to do, see, try out.  Its a start for sure of what I don’t know.


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