Seed Starts and Work Ends

I have a limited amount of time left at work, what a great feeling.  All this week I have tried to transition a lot of my current projects by either completing them or handing off responsibility to someone else.  Weird, stressful week with lots of folks looking to me to assist them with something before I retire (in 3 weeks or better yet, only 12 work days left).  Finally, the announcement date is set for Tuesday and I can be more public with my news.

So today, I worked on my personal to-do list some of which included:

  • retirement party reception invitation- ordered – check
  • manicure/pedicure – check
  • start seeds – check.

The seed starting got off to a messy start, as I placed some of the potting mix in a glass vase to wet down, the vase shattered in my hand.

I had broken glass all over the floor, counter, and in both sinks.  I got the broom out and noticed blood all over my right hand.  Two cuts, one on the index finger, another in the middle of my hand.  Of course, when I get cut, it takes a long time for the bleeding to stop!  So as I swept up glass, I had my hand wrapped in a paper towel to keep from dripping all over.  I had to stop trying to clean up the glass mess and address the cuts on my hand, which only worked for about 5 minutes, as the finger cut bled through 2 bandaids.  What a PITA!


I do love to plant and have my seeds staged now to plant inside and coincide with planting outside at the right time.  Today I planted:


Chinese Cabbage
Hot Peppers
and Japanese Eggplant (not pictured).

And this year I labeled every little flat.  Last year I did not – which was a rookie mistake.  I did figure out what everything was – eventually.  Had a few surprises between the ground cherries and tomatillos.

DSC_0064Another improvement from last year is the electric warming pad.  I think this will help speed germination at least so I have read.

Tomorrow we will head to Charlottesville to meet some friends and see Donna the Buffalo at the Jefferson.  Stoked for this show, we missed them at the State Theater a couple of weeks ago.  Plus we get to meet up with some friends that we haven’t seen in a while.


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