Windy Sunday

Lots of sounds today, the big ole north wind hitting on the house causing the furnace to kick on and the fire in the wood stove popping.   Looking out the window, I see the shingles on the shed blowing up, looks like some have already blown off.  I don’t think I will venture out much today!

So I have 2 weeks left at work.  Things have slowed down finally.  I really only have 8 work days left.  I go from very happy, almost giddy to incredibly sad.  Jon Stewart announced his retirement from the Daily Show on the same day, I announced mine at work.  I keep listening to Jon Stewart’s retirement announcement and it hits home.  I loved the part where he talked about the show doesn’t deserve an even slightly restless host and how he loves the people, and what an honor and privilege it is to work there.  His sentiments hit the nail on the head for me.  I love the people I work with, I have been incredibly blessed with opportunities and I have been hooked on our mission for countless years.

AND I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO DO!  Scary for me, who always planned her career goals in 1 and 5 year increments.  So I have some decompressing, resting, and contemplating to do.  My goals for the next 2 weeks are to be patient, stay in the moment, do more yoga, and don’t cry!

I have looked through countless photos to put into a slide show for my retirement party.  This one is from 1981, I was working in KC, met Mom and Carl at the Airport Hilton for some event.

Mother and I - 1981

Mother and I – 1981 

This one is from mid 1990s.  I was home for a visit and helped Carl tend several of his hives.  I liked to help him with the bees, so interesting and I never got stung though he did many times.  I think I may acquire a hive this spring.

Carl and I tending bees

Carl and I tending bees

My seedlings are up and looking good, all except the parsley.  May have to re-plant that flat.


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