DSC_0065We had a lovely, long snow yesterday, beautiful heavy wet flakes.  About mid-day, the ladies came through the backyard on their way up the hill to bed down for the duration of the storm I suppose.  I guess they have a spot out of the wind, protected somewhat from the weather. During warmer months, I have seen spots where they  bed down in the grass.  We also saw our friendly fox, making his/her? rounds, trotting up through the woods following a similar path that the deer take.  I tried to capture the fox on film but no such luck.

We did eat at Hanks Oyster Bar the other night, and will definitely go back.  I had 1/2 dozen Virginia oysters for a starter, followed by a pear and arugula salad and a crab cake, both items from the small plate menu.  Hubby had the ceviche (yum! and a generous portion) and the seared scallops on cauliflower puree.  The prices were a tad high though typical for Old Town.

Even with all the snow and ice this past week, my thoughts keep turning to the gardens.  I have transplanted some seedlings to bigger pots and will plant more this weekend.  I loved this Washington Post article by Barbara Damrosch, Resolved no more bad garden habits.  All things to TRY and remember as I plan and work in the garden this spring-if spring ever arrives…

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