So I took a hiatus in writing, I got busy with lots of life stuff. Starting with the retirement party that went off quite well, we had over 50 friends and co-workers there.  The party marked the official end to my USDA career,


I went to my sister’s beach place for a long weekend to celebrate her daughter’s bachelorette weekend.  We had perfect beach weather and a fabulous weekend celebrating.  I don’t plan to share any photos or stories from that though.  I think those are best left for others to share. I do think my niece and her friends are lovely, smart, and classy young women.  I especially enjoyed the beach and the weather.  Bring on spring!

I do want to mention the restaurants where we dined.  We had lunch at The Gulf at Perdido Pass. IMG_2064The restaurant is casual with all outside dining and the above view was from the restaurant.  I had the grouper sandwich and it was quite tasty!  Others in the party tried the hamburgers.

We dined at Cobalt which has lovely sunset views and great food.  I had grouper again, paneed grouper this time and it was fabulous.

I find myself in a work hiatus.  A strange feeling for sure. I observe others working, reading emails, taking phone calls, dealing with issues.  Some of the habits I had like 2 cellphones and 2 iPads, one for work and one for personal are over.  I used to check my work emails first thing in the am and last thing at night and many times in between.  Now I look at emails and it is mostly spam.  I am thinking about work again, just not going to rush it.  I have started the process to volunteer at the hospital.  And found a website Encore -Second acts for the greater good that provides advice on how to find your second career based on the desire to give back.  I really like the idea.  I guess I need to just relax and enjoy this hiatus.

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