Plans of Change

Sometimes I’m a bit dyslexic, mixing letters when I speak/write or transposing numbers.  As a kid I said belldoor and some other last then first words.  So as I changed my plans recently, it came out as a plans of change in my mind.  I nixed the hospital volunteering gig, too much structure and requirements for the summer.  And replaced that effort with becoming the co-coordinator for the community garden.  I will spend more time on the community garden then required by the hospital however I set my own hours and tasks! And will be outside-another bonus.

I have planted peas, lettuce (mesclun mix), radishes, red onions, and sweet onions.  The kale wintered over nicely and the garlic planted last fall looks good also.



I have seedlings of eggplant, a determinate tomato variety, hot peppers, tomatillas, broccoli and some herbs set outside to harden off.  And I ordered some plants that should arrive soon.



I have started on a fairy garden in my yard.  Some will surely laugh at such, however I love the idea.  Reminds me when I was a child and would make a small garden under a bush at the end of our porch, catching tree frogs to live in my tiny haven.  As I grew older, I would sneak a smoke in the same space until the neighbor across the street ratted me out to my mom.  I guess that was something to see-a smoking bush!  So thankful I kicked that habit years ago.

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