Preserving and Persevering

I have started the canning and preserving mode.  Even though the first part of the summer with all the rain about did in the garden between weeds and fungi of one kind or another, I have managed to limp through it and now the plants look like they will continue bearing for awhile.  The tomatoes are doing better, the cucumbers have been slow but now are going full on, the peppers and tomatillos are producing non-stop and the eggplants have finally kicked in.  The squash rotted away and I didn’t replant timely.

In betweeIMG_0088n trips, I made tomatillo sauce and marinara sauce though both were small batches, about 5 1/2 quarts of marinara and 4 quarts of tomatillo sauce.


This last weekend, I made bread and butter pickles, using a new-to-me recipe found here Chef John’s breadnbutter pickles.   This recipe adds jalapeño peppers, some clove and whole peppercorns.  I really like the taste, a bit more layered and not as sweet, of course being the only consumer of pickles in the house-I have no one to help with the comparison!

I am freezing tomatoes as I pick them and hope to have enough to make more marinara.  I think I will have to buy some romas to augment my supply in order to make salsa.

I have lots of poblano, habanero, green bell, jalapeño, and hot peppers.  I will make stuffed peppers and freeze them today.  In the next few days will make the first batch of hot pepper jam.  The kitchen counter is crowded!IMG_2661 I am starting to plant the fall garden, ordered a hard neck garlic variety and more sweet onion sets.  I will plant some green beans, mesclun, kale, radishes, beets and turnips.  Also picked up some napa cabbage and broccoli starts at the local big box store, on an impulse, so will find a spot for these too!  And have been planning some clean up work at the community garden so need to start recruiting assistance!  Looking forward to a bountiful fall.

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