Not only is fall upon us but its shutdown season again.  To government workers and inside-the-beltway workers, the annual will the government shutdown or not is pretty routine.  Congress is back from their August recess and the 2 legislative items on their plate starting today are the 2016 appropriations and the Iran nuclear deal.

The whole government budget process is gladly in my rearview mirror, at least for now.  I don’t miss the uncertainty or workload associated with developing the budget and then the cottage industry around the whole shutdown process. We spent hours of staff time developing shutdown processes and designating critical personnel who remain working or on-call.  The plans detailed the process through the day leading up to shutdown through each day the shutdown continued.   There are a slew of articles in the press in the last couple of days.  Here is a recent one from the Washington Post 2015 Government shutdown.

A big part of this year’s budget process is the reappearance of sequestration after the 2 year budget deal expired.  Sequestration  will wreak havoc on agencies if re-imposed.  Agencies probe planed for spending levels at 2016 President’s budget levels and those are before sequestration.  And the impacts on programs are pretty severe also.

So stay tuned, the current wisdom is the Republicans will push through a continuing resolution, kicking the can down the road.  And it is a smelly can that won’t get better with time.

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