Slow and thoughtful

I noticed several good articles about retirement recently.  I guess as the end of the year approaches, folks are considering whether and when to retire.   This article from the WA Post, When retiring, think about finding fun and worthy pursuits, has good advice and things to consider BEFORE one retires.  And another article by the same columnist Rodney Brooks, One way having too much free time in retirement could backfire that is pretty upfront on the effects of spending a lot more time with your spouse!  So my husband is still working, though he works out of the house which means lots more time together.  With our new reality, I usually plan to get out of the house in the morning, running errands, going to the gym, etc, so I am out of his way.

And this article by Michelle Singletary,Why do some people retire? Its just the right time-and they want to golf resonated with my reasons for retiring. No, Im not a golfer, it was the right time for me and after careful review of our finances, we had met our goals.  I do find myself telling friends that I don’t have anything scheduled for an afternoon or day.  So different from when I worked.  Someone I just recently met for the first time asked me why I retired?  As he thought I was too young to be retired, and I answered simply – it was time.

In hindsight, we did a good job anticipating the financial implications of my retirement.  However, I acted a bit like the turtle in the photo when planning what I would do to keep busy in retirement!  I found myself ill prepared to deal with my free time and sudden lack of structure in my life.  I am adjusting, thoughtfully filling my time.   And maybe I will take up golf!

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