BLTs adjusted

We finally have some tomatoes from my garden, it took awhile with rainy May and the chloratic tomato plants I had.  Some I grew myself and some I ordered from a company that is totally devoted to tomatoes but I won’t mention their name (smile) as the plants came in dismal condition.  So we had to get them healthy enough to be planted.

Last night we had BLTs for dinner, the bacon came from Springfield Butcher.  And each of us changed it up a bit as we built the sandwich.  There was the BLT+cheese-cheddar on the first sandwich and pepper jack on the second sandwich.  And the BT+basil, my personal favorite. The last one was BLT x2 with lettuce then tomato then bacon then tomato then lettuce layered between the bread.  I did not take photos-photo fail-again.

Also I made ratatouille with all the ingredients from my garden, eggplants, yellow squash, peppers, onions, garlic, basil, and tomatoes.   Doesn’t get more local/slow food than that!



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