Bright Star

Yesterday, I went with a gaggle of girlfriends to see Bright Star at the Kennedy Center.  We had lunch at Clydes of Georgetown, crab cakes again!

I have been anticipating this musical for a few months, as it combines two favorites of mine, bluegrass and a musical.  Steve Martin and Edie Brickwell wrote the story and all the music and lyrics.  I LOVE Steve Martin, and have seen him play bluegrass with the Steep Canyon Rangers.  His talents are amazing, a comedian, actor, musician, writer…  seems he hit the motherlode.

And I absolutely loved it!  The music, the sets, the actors, the story = a musical that exceeded my expectations.  I read the Wash Post’s review here and so was not expecting to be wowed.  Act 1 ended with a stunning scene that left me feeling sad and upset, even though I had figured out the ending.  No spoiler here, you will have to go see it!

One of my favorite parts was the cabin set holding the musicians that whirled around the stage with actors dancing and singing through it.  I admired the musicians and their ability to NOT be dizzy.

Bright Star closes at Kennedy Center today and moves on to Broadway.  Vanity Fair has an article on it this month here.  Enjoy!

New beginnings

I woke up Monday morning, the first working day of 2016 and didn’t have to get up and go.  An unusual feeling for me still.  With 10 months of retirement down, I have drifted into somewhat of a schedule that includes working out, pursuing hobbies, lots of reading, and consulting work.

Not being big on New Year resolutions, I haven’t made many as my resolve doesn’t seem to stick much beyond mid-January.  In the past, I found energy in the idea of new beginnings at the first of the year and often spent time on setting my house, literally and figuratively, in order over the holiday break.  I experienced that same energy again this year and have a great list of things to work on in 2016!

One thing I am doing is letting go of one consulting job that has not met my expectations as planned and picking up another one.  Developing my consulting company became one HUGE opportunity to learn new things in 2015 and hopefully will continue in 2016.  I find myself doing things and facing situations where I have no experience, and casting about for answers, guidance and resolve!


Speaking of new beginnings, we went to the Dead and Co show at Verizon Center back in November.  We had a stellar time, one of the best shows of 2015.

Stepping out

For the first time in several years, we went out on New Years Eve.  For Christmas, I gave hubby tickets to the Infamous Stringdusters at RamsHeadLive in Baltimore, booked a room at the Marriott Renaissance.  Turned out to be such a fun night.  We met some friends for dinner at Peter’s Pour House and then on to hear some great music.  The crab cakes were delicious as to be expected in “Bawltimere.  Cabinet opened the show.IMG_2971Obligtory “selfie”!

And not a bad view in the venue!  We traversed between the main floor and  the general admission balcony, ending up the evening in VIP balcony.  What a great show, I have not located a setlist, still looking, and I am lousy at remembering.

So we rung in 2016 in a fun way, and I have lots in the plan for 2016.

Peace and Love

On this last day of 2015, thought I would close out the year by sending out thoughts of peace, kindness, love and compassion to all.  2015 turned out to be transformational for me, with my retirement and embarking on a second act.  That second act is still under development.  Every day I think of new and different paths I want to go running down, pursuing my new dreams.  

We are spending this New Years Eve in Baltimore, taking in the Infamous Stringdusters and Cabinet show at Rams Head live, closing a phenomenal year of music.  I haven’t posted about all the shows we attended this fall, I might follow up and do so or maybe not, and just focus on 2016 music opportunities.  

I don’t do resolutions well.  So this year I will resolve only to be more frequent with my posts.

Happy New Year! Peace and Love!

Slow and thoughtful

I noticed several good articles about retirement recently.  I guess as the end of the year approaches, folks are considering whether and when to retire.   This article from the WA Post, When retiring, think about finding fun and worthy pursuits, has good advice and things to consider BEFORE one retires.  And another article by the same columnist Rodney Brooks, One way having too much free time in retirement could backfire that is pretty upfront on the effects of spending a lot more time with your spouse!  So my husband is still working, though he works out of the house which means lots more time together.  With our new reality, I usually plan to get out of the house in the morning, running errands, going to the gym, etc, so I am out of his way.

And this article by Michelle Singletary,Why do some people retire? Its just the right time-and they want to golf resonated with my reasons for retiring. No, Im not a golfer, it was the right time for me and after careful review of our finances, we had met our goals.  I do find myself telling friends that I don’t have anything scheduled for an afternoon or day.  So different from when I worked.  Someone I just recently met for the first time asked me why I retired?  As he thought I was too young to be retired, and I answered simply – it was time.

In hindsight, we did a good job anticipating the financial implications of my retirement.  However, I acted a bit like the turtle in the photo when planning what I would do to keep busy in retirement!  I found myself ill prepared to deal with my free time and sudden lack of structure in my life.  I am adjusting, thoughtfully filling my time.   And maybe I will take up golf!

Shuttering the Government

The clock is ticking on Congress, 5 days left to get some kind of spending bill passed.  Seems most of the talking heads agree on the silliness of going through another shutdown as a minority of members of Congress continue their march in support of the shutdown.  And the key contentious point seems to be funding women’s health?! Planned parenthood doesn’t spend Federal funds on abortions and there is much debate about the truthfulness behind the video touted by Carly Fiorini.  This morning’s Post has this article, Shuttering govt costs more than keeping it open, $2 Billion more!  Then the surprise of the day with Boehner’s resignation.  Like him or not, seems he is going to fall on his sword to keep the government running and that is a good thing.

Hopefully the Pope’s grace, humility, and prayers will have at least a temporary beneficial effect on Washington.   As I have said before the costs associated with government shutdowns are high, and it hasn’t seemed to make a difference in the past.  The Federal employees and the public they serve are the ones who suffer the most.


“Summertime and the living is easy” sums up my sunny season.  Not to age me however saying I think of these lyrics done by Ella-not Sublime does so.  My leisurely summer has been way different than past summers and included some firsts-like doing consulting work and acquiring a beach condo.

Fall moves into view with gardens looking dried out and weary, leaves starting to fall, and produce piling up on countertops.  The produce has provided lots of good eating and putting food up, I will make another batch of salsa and some hot pepper jam.  The fall garden got off to a rocky start, the pests almost wiped out the napa cabbage and broccoli, The snap peas are coming up, and the lettuce is trying to through the last of the summer heat.

Caught August’s full moon while at the beach on a late night stroll.  It was a very windy night, the surf was up with the tide.


The next day proved absolutely gorgeous, low humidity, and later in the day during low tide, I took the following photo after I awoke from a long nap.


We ended up the summer seeing Los Lobos at  The Hamilton.  It was sold out, and a great show!   And heres the setlist.  Enjoy


  1. (The Young Rascals cover) (with “La bamba” reprise at the end)