Just Zippy!

It seems I have a lot on my mind however when I try and put it down on paper… pffft! its gone.  This will be a disjointed and rambling post as I write about the stuff filling my days.

I have a consulting agreement and have been helping a company with proposal development.  I have found it interesting, challenging, tiring, and rewarding.  I have established my own LLC, set up the accounting, generated invoices, ordered business cards, and am in process on my resume, business plan, paying taxes, so I have more work to do.  I also have to figure out how to get more work!  I definitely am “busy learning on the learning curve” as Jeb in Donna the Buffalo sings in “Conscious Evolution”.  One of my favorite DTB songs, I once wrote a paper on the song for one of my classes at American University.

On the Beach condo front, we should close on Friday though I am not convinced we will.  What a cluster this whole transaction has been.  I started to write down all the craziness but think I better not.  Suffice to say I will be so glad when this is done. I plan to go to the closing and then stay at the beach for 2 weeks, something I have dreamed of doing for awhile.

I do love to make lists so have lists of all the things that I will take down to the new place.  Also saw two good book lists in the Post this weekend.  From this article on Heres what to read this summer if you are entering law school, several books caught my eye – In Cold Blood, To Kill a Mockingbird, the Federalist Papers.   I have read the latter two before but am sure they are worthy of a re-read.

Another book list comes from the Post’s Book World, 23 books we’ve loved so far this year, several on here caught my eye, Delicious Foods, Not what you would think, more of a thriller than anything, The Green Road and The Whites look intriguing also.

I am reading How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free, lots of good ideas and advice.  And I felt wild and free in June when I went zip lining for the first time.  A bit scary for sure, I admit to shaky legs on the first one or two jumps.  I will definitely do this again.IMG_8445IMG_8519 IMG_8595


Another List and a Scary Subway Story

Even though I will retire soon, I continue to have an interest in managing people/projects.  So am posting this 2015 New Management Books list from Government Executive.  I may review this list later in my “free time”.  As I may do some other job or project later where these will be relevant.


Also wanted to share this scary story, seems yesterday afternoon a Yellow line train (I rode this same Yellow line track every day for over 20 years) stopped in the L’Enfant tunnel and filled with smoke!  One woman succumbed to the smoke inhalation and later died at the hospital, scores of people went to the hospital sickened by the smoke.  I confess to a high degree of claustrophobia and on more than one occasion when stuck on a train in a tunnel had to practice some calming exercises until I could GET OUT OF THE TRAIN CAR!  So this incident scares the crap out of me.  Here is the WashingPost’s Deadly subway incident story from this am.  No answers from Metro, the story seems very confusing as to why they left the passengers in the cars for so long, why the DCFD wouldn’t enter the tunnel from the L’Enfant station, what did the train operator say or do?  Typical of Metro-little or no communication.  I am so THANKFUL that I have a parking pass and do not have to ride the train daily anymore!  And it will take me quite awhile before I ride the train again.