Music Catsup

So sad to hear about BB King, have enjoyed taking in his shows many times.  Read this article from Oxford American on his passing, Better Not Look Down-BB King.  Always found it interesting that BB either played the guitar or sang but didn’t do both at once.  Says a lot for NOT multi-tasking, doing one thing excellently!

We enjoyed Merlefest this year, though the first day of the festival was not my best day.  First, left the tickets at home, remembered them about 40 miles into the trip, suffered through a VERY unhappy spouse on the long ride back home to get them.  Not sure that I was totally, 100% responsible for forgetting them…

Hot Rise

Hot Rise



Then, as I posted earlier, had my Nikon 3100 with me Thursday evening to take pix of Hot Rise and my drink cup leaked all over the camera, causing it to not work.  Nikon fixed the camera however all the remaining photos of the weekend come from the iPhone.  My first time seeing Hot Rise!   And ended Thursday evening in the dance tent with Donna the Buffalo.

My highlights were North MS Allstars with Jim Lauderdale.  Earls Of Leicester kicked it, highlight was Sam Bush and Jerry Douglas doing a Tut Taylor/John Hartford tribute of Steam powered aereoplane!


And Sam Bush Friday night closed with electronic version of Laps in 7. The Waybacks album hour was Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA.  Saturday was a rainy wet day, and we bagged it early.

Finally here is link to review of Dear Jerry Tribute All-Star Cast honors Jerry.  Not sure if we will take in another tribute concert anytime soon.  The traffic at Merriweather was horrific, parked about 1.5 miles from venue, don’t mind the walking just sitting in traffic for so long.  The venue was rocking with people!  We had a good vantage viewing point for the screen but not the stage.  And long waits between artists, so long that 2 bands, RRE and Greensky Bluegrass got bumped from the show.   The show was great and we can enjoy again when out on DVD!



Catching Up


So I think my blog’s title was/is a bit ambitious.  Daystreaming? implies something more periodic than once every few weeks.  So I’m thinking about changing the blog’s name or not, blogging in a more disciplined manner or not, will have to figure it out or not.

And those thoughts right there sum up my current state.  Two+ months post retirement and no single crystal clear motivation has emerged-YET!  I laugh at myself because I have cleaned, de-cluttered and organized most of the house and yard and have more on my to-do list.

Since my last post, I have been to Merlefest and niece’s wedding weekend in Atlanta. I will post more from Merle separately, I don’t have my usual supply of photos as I got my Nikon 3100 wet the first night at the show and it quit working.  Did you know you can send it off to Nikon and they will repair if possible?  So I did that and after $225, my camera is due to arrive before the weekend back in working order.

Tonight is the Dear Jerry tribute at Merriweather Post Pavilion which looks like it will be cool weather with lots of rules: no lawn chairs, no coolers, no grills in the parking lot, only one sealed water bottle or one empty reusable water bottle, no picnic baskets, food can only be brought in clear, plastic containers… so much for tailgating or having a picnic dinner on the blanket on the lawn.  It appears these rules serve to ensure you will buy ALL your food and beverages from vendors inside the venue.  Will definitely report back on the show.  Here is an update on the show’s lineup Dear Jerry Concert details.

Back at ya soon-or not!



I love this sign which I found at a consignment/flea market shop.  I may go back and get it as it is so funny/punny!

We are headed to Merlefest this next weekend.  This year’s lineup again includes many of my favorite artists.  Like Sam Bush, Peter Rowan, Hot Rize, Donna the Buffalo, Steel Wheels, North Mississippi Allstars, Avett Brothers.  The biggest challenge will be figuring out who to see and when!  Merle has about a dozen stages so lots of decisions.  Hopefully it won’t be too cold or rainy though we go prepared for all of the above.  We haven’t been out since February to hear live music and this weekend will make up that deficit.

We did get tickets to the Dear Jerry Tribute at Merriweather Post in May.  Thankfully some friends had extra lawn seats as we did not manage to get any through either the pre-sale or regular sale before the event sold out.     Should be a great show.

Earls, Jerry and Tim

We went our first DC Bluegrass Festival this weekend held at the Sheraton at Tysons.  Interesting and small hotel festival.  Not impressed with the hotel as it is a bit tired and not well maintained.  The food service left me cold also.  I don’t know why I have high expectations for food at festivals?!  We could have left the hotel and walked to a number of restaurants however with the cold weather we opted to stay on the premises.  For lunch, we had the mediocre lunch buffet.  We booked a club room to have access to the club where we did enjoy a fantastic sunset over the Blue Ridge mountains however no alcoholic beverages were available according to the attendant-everything got drank up the night before and the hotel did not re-stock.  Not a huge issue however the food in the club seemed like leftovers from the lunch buffet.  I know hotels like to serve buffets however some establishments make it a highlight rather than leftover banquet food.  About 9:30 pm the hubby got hungry so we tried the restaurant again, he ordered a hamburger and I had the steak quesadilla which was really a hamburger quesadilla, both ended up being the best food we had while there which isn’t saying much.

There were workshops in the afternoon and we went to two, the first one with Tim O’Brien.  We sat in the last row and still had a great view.  Listening to Tim talk about the instruments he plays and the songs was enthralling.  He told the history behind the song, Mic Ryan’s Lament written by Robert Dunlap.  The tune is Garryowen which is an ole time Irish song.  It became the song of Custer’s 7th cavalry and the lyrics to Mic Ryan describe 2 Irish brothers who came to America and one ended up fighting for the Union in the Civil War and the other at the Battle of Little Big Horn.  He closed the session singing Walk Beside Me, one of my favorites.


Jerry Douglas had a dobro workshop where he played 2 old dobros that he uses with the Earls of Leicester, who were the headliners for the festival.  I have seen Jerry play many times and in this setting, up close and personal and listening to him talk is a highlight.  He is kind of local to this area, playing with the Country Gentlemen as a younger guy.  He said he liked the second Birchmere the best.  I don’t remember the first Birchmere.  And do remember the second location, great intimate venue.


We caught a little of the Banksters.  I took in Sierra Hull’s set, I do love her voice and she can play the mandolin.  Of course the Hokies were playing basketball so part of the time, we watched the game in the room. And then came back down to see the end of Blue Highway and all of the Earl’s set and it was a great show.  Those guys appear to be having so much fun playing the music of Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.  This time I attempted to keep a setlist but they soon quit announcing the song and just played one after the other.  They played about 30 songs, starting a little after 11 pm and playing to about 12:30.  Shawn Camp channels Lester Flatt in a captivating way.  Extraordinary entertainment.

IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2043

TTB and Spirit Family

Do you ever get behind on everyday tasks?  Well this last week has put me behind and I plan to catch up, starting with this post. We saw the Tedeschi Trucks Band last Friday night at the Warner.  Went early for drinks and appetizers at Chef Geoff’s Downtown.


Again, we scored great seats through the early artist sale.  I found  the setlist online, I can’t seem to remember to take notes!IMG_1964

  • All That I Need
  • Do I Look Worried
  • Get What You Deserve
  • Midnight in Harlem
  • I Pity The Fool
  • Break In The Road 
(Betty Harriscover)
  • Keep Your Lamp Trimmed
  • Done Somebody Wrong 
(Elmore Jamescover)
  • Shelter
  • Key To The Highway
  • Let Me Get ByIMG_1956
  • Idle Wind
  • Bound for Glory
  • Living Loving Maid > The Storm
  • E: Keep On Growing
  • Living in the Palace of the King

The opening act was new to me, Spirit Family Reunion, kind of a string band, bluegrass, roots music fusion.

IMG_1942Lots of energy and I will definitely be on the look out for a repeat viewing!  The washboard player was my fav. IMG_1948

On to the next show!

Driftwood & Donna


Donna and Driftwood Encore

This third-to-last week of work has flown by before I got to post about last weekend’s fun.  We saw Donna the Buffalo at the Jefferson in Charlottesville on Saturday. Met some friends from Roanoke for the show and also had dinner with long time friends who moved to C’ville many years ago.  We had dinner at the Commonwealth Skybar, which is an open air bar on the mall.  Thank goodness they close it off in the winter and have plenty of heaters.  So good to see everyone.

Doug and Candy

Doug and Candy


We walked around the mall which I found a bit creepy.  I thought a bit about the young murdered UVA student who was last seen on the mall alive.


The sunset was filled with color!  The contrast between the dark earthly objects and the sky struck a beautiful scene.IMG_1908

I don’t have a setlist for Donna though there were lots of new songs with old ones mixed in.  A group called Driftwood opened, new to me however our friends saw them at Floydfest.  Energetic female fiddler and the band also hails from NY State like Donna.  Best part was the encore with both Driftwood and Donna on the stage closing with a Gimme some loving’/Shout medley.  Not something I expected Jeb and Tara to bring out.  Jeb rocked it as always.  Lots of dancing feet!


Donna took the stage a little before 9:30 and then played until about midnight without a break.


We rode the shuttle from the hotel to the Mall and then found a cab back to hotel–another late night!  And then we arose early on Sunday to beat feet back to DC so I could see Gigi at the Kennedy Center with some girlfriends.  I loved Gigi with Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical (which I have not seen!).

And then on to the work week which I will share in my next post.


Weekend tidbits

We had a busy, busy weekend and now have the MLK holiday or what used to be Lee-Jackson Day in Virginia.  Though Hubby doesn’t get a holiday as his company only gives a few holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Infamous Stringdusters

Infamous Stringdusters

So Friday night we saw the Infamous Stringdusters, a favorite bluegrass band at the State Theatre in Falls Church.  Another fantabulous night of music.  Frank Solivan and the Dirty Kitchen Band opened who we saw last year at Merlefest.  Great band also!  Highlights for me were opening with Lovelight, then in the second set Scarlet Begonias, Let it Go and Cripple Creek.  Met up with some longtime friends we hadn’t seen in a while for the show.  And we met some new folks while hanging.  I ended up as the DD, and we headed home around 1:30am which made for a late night for this old lady.  Here is the setlist:01 Lovelight, 02 GDTRFB, 03 In God’s Country,04 Starry, 05 LLD jam>Y2k, 06 Fearless, 07 Blockygrass, 08 Angeline *, 09 Blue Night *, Second set 01 Jam>Hitchhiker, 02 Hey You, 03 All I can Take, 04 Mountain Town, 05 PBD, 06 Scarlet Begonias>OMB, 07 Colorado,08 Red Fox,09 Let It Go,10 Pioneers, 11 Echoes,12 Cripple Creek>Machines, 13 Head over Heels.  * Frank Solivan set in.

Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen Band

Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen Band

These guys opened strong and set the mood for a great night.  During the Stringdusters they were walking around and enjoying the show.  And towards the end of night, here we are hanging with friends and taking a selfie.

Candy, Doug and Vance

Candy, Doug and Vance

Saturday ended up pretty quiet, lots of time in the kitchen, cooking breakfast, baking cookies to send with ben-jammin’ back to school, and then dinner.   Sunday, we made the round trip to Radford to take ben-jammin’ back for his second semester.  He was so ready to go and get back to school, friends, the dorm, just away from us!  The trip started out miserable as it poured down a cold rain until we got out west on I66.  Then it turned into a pretty nice day.  We literally dropped his stuff in the dorm room, went out to eat lunch, stopped to buy him some bottled water, and dropped him off=about 2 hours in town.  As the great hovering mom that I am, I so wanted to help him unpack and organize his room.  Didn’t happen!  He wasn’t wanting any help.  So after a big hug good bye, off we went, back up the road to NOVA.  The entire trip took about 10-11 hours.

So today, I have to get my retirement papers completed.  Announcement at work coming this next week!